Friday, April 29, 2016

Field trip and Finals

This was my last week of "regular" classes, and next week we will be making our project presentations. Ironically, both of my classes required us to create LibGuides as our final projects. Mine are ongoing at these links:
For my Legal Information Sources class (LIS-437), we actually had a field trip this week to the Social Law Library. The space is incredible and it has a really rich history as a public/private institution; I think that working there is my dream job, and not just because of the work environment. I love the idea of a space that stands for increased access to law and has such a long tradition of facilitating justice. 

During class, we took a tour of the library with Brian and Kirsten, then our professors gave us an assignment to do with the library resources. Using only print, we had to work backwards to locate answers, then craft questions that would lead a researcher back to where we had started. We were in two teams, so after we had written our "questions," we switched and had to go on a kind of scavenger hunt. After a semester of being frustrated by my professors' homework assignments, I have a new appreciation for writing questions that will be difficult, but not too difficult, and will make a point to the student about using a particular source. 

Oh and PS. with good news - remember the scholarship essay I wrote back in February? Well, thanks to that essay, and probably some great recommendations, I got a scholarship from the American Association of Law Libraries! This will be helpful for the fall semester since I budgeted my loans for tuition but planned to pay for my books out of pocket. It's a nice reward and emotional boost heading into this weekend of workworkwork (punctuated by a short hike on Saturday)!

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